Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Say Hello To Oscar The New Store Cat!

Oscar is a rescue cat that is living at our little Boutique Arterie in Montreal.
He was born in the ally way behind my apartment.
My neighbour Zoï has been feeding him and loving him for the past 2 years.
He is just starting to socialize as you can see from this quick little video of him. I think he's doing pretty well considering what he's gone through in his short life up until now. See, he's only 2 years old and he is F.I.V. positive. This is one of the unfortunate consequences for cats living in the alleyways.
But now he is with us, and he's a healthy spayed boy lookin' for a friendly home to live out his many days.

We love him oh so very much. Do you know someone who wants to love him?

Contact us at 514 273 3933 or come and visit him at the Boutique, 176 Bernard Ouest, Montreal.

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